Please celebrate Rowan’s life with Rowan’s Yellow Treehouse

..a dream that will someday become a reality


His smile showed the music in his heart, and his eyes were always dancing..

They didn’t see him or his needs..

His hugs were so big they knocked us over..

They ignored the research that had been readily available for years..

His magnetic personality stopped strangers in their tracks day after day..

They ignored our constant questions and concerns..

His happiness was contagious..

They had excessive self-confidence, and disregarded the lessons of other untimely deaths..

His life was of immense value..

They refused to take responsibility for his death..

It would have just taken one moment for Rowan to be seen as an individual, for his doctors to listen to our concerns for his unique needs, and Rowan would not have been killed that day.

That night, Rowan’s anesthesiologist called us suggesting that Rowan died from the stress of crying.  We didn’t yet know what happened, but we knew that this wasn’t true..

Rowansmile is a tribute to our son and little brother, Rowan.  It is also the story of the investigation into our son’s death.  I tell it in hopes of saving another family from this kind of tragedy.


Dear reader… as you read through this website, you will note that my words are raw, and sometimes harsh.  I ask that you choose not to be offended by their frankness, rather, take a moment to recognize that these words were written during a time of deepest pain, and portray raw, unfiltered grief along with crucial information for the safety of all