Yesterday, I read a headline “Joan Rivers clinic investigated by the NY department of health”.  I was livid.  For hours.  I screamed, and I punched things.

But now, I am hopeful (and still a bit angry).

Joan Rivers’ death should be investigated, whether her death was the fault of the clinic or not.  Just like all other deaths outside of a medical facility.  Why not inside?

I was furious: Why her?  Why have I been fighting for months to get anyone to pay attention to my son’s death, and her care was under investigation before she even died?

But then I read more, and I read the comments under the article.  The comments saying “what about the other families?” and “where is their investigation?”.   And I realized: there are people who understand and are compassionate.  A lot of them.  To those strangers, I say thank you.  In your brief comment, you said to me that my son’s life did matter.  Just as much as Joan Rivers’.  Thank you.

Maybe this inequality will serve a  purpose.  Maybe, just maybe, a discussion will start.  Maybe, just maybe, that discussion will continue.  Thank you, Joan Rivers, for that.

In hopes the some day, justice will be served for Rowan, and we will be able to concentrate on our amazing memories with the beautiful being that changed our world.

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