We want to pass our thanks to those of you who wrote letters on our family’s behalf. Thanks to you, we now have all of the documents that we are legally able to obtain from the hospital (it is against California law for us to gain access to peer-reviewed material, for the protection of the reviewers).

Sadly, these documents continue to support all of our claims, and make us know that the claims on this website are in many ways understated. There was nothing we wanted more than to find that Rowan’s death was inevitable that day, but we know for certain that he was killed not through simple mistakes, but through negligence.

Even more sadly, the hospital has still not taken accountability for Rowan’s death, leading us to the necessity of becoming more public with our private story. Because for us, just walking away when a child is killed is not an option. Our sincerest thanks to those who have signed and shared our petition. We can only hope that it makes impact as well.