I’ve had a bad day.  A Monday, when I dropped my daughter off at school.  A day where I came back home, and cried.  Sat on the sofa.. my “to-do” list sitting untouched.

I’m supposed to be planning a celebration for Rowan, to remember his life, but I’m swallowed up in grief and loneliness. A morning of searching the internet.  Searching for others out there that are lost in grief and looking for hope, like me.

A balloon release just yesterday, staying brave for my daughter.  A breakdown over the weekend, distancing myself from those that care the most.

Then.. a simple text: “Did you see?! 1,150 signatures!”

A simple message that says so much.  People care.  About Rowan.  About us.

People beyond those we know.  People that have no obligation to care.  People that could have gone their whole day without exposing themselves to our grief.

To those 1,150 people, thank you, for changing my day.  Thank you, for giving me the strength to continue my journey, to find light in my day.


Remembering Rowan

Remembering Rowan (do not duplicate)


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