Rowan being a very cooperative 2 year old, just a few weeks before he was killed

Rowan being a very cooperative 2 year old, just a few weeks before he was killed

Special Needs Discrimination in Healthcare.  It’s real, just like it is real throughout our society.

I was naive.  I had seen it in my everyday life with Rowan..  in the occasional act of unnecessary compassion from a friend, in a therapist who thought his diagnosis defined his capabilities, in the surprised look of an acquaintance when we said that he would be attending her child’s preschool, in the occasional look of pity from a stranger.  But I never expected to see it from a doctor.  Rowan hadn’t ever been sick, so I didn’t have the chance to learn what other parents already knew, and I was blindsided.

We believe that special needs discrimination is the ultimate reason why our son was killed.

After learning of the CDPH report, we believe that Rowan was discriminated against because of his diagnosis, and therefore killed.

We believe this because:
1. Based on Rowan’s special needs diagnosis (not on Rowan as a person), Dr. Raymond Fripp labeled Rowan as “uncooperative”
2. Because of this label, Dr. Raymond Fripp ordered the use of general anesthesia (which was dangerous for Rowan) for a diagnostic procedure
3. Because of Dr. Raymond Fripp’s label, Dr. Kathleen Kaya was not required to, and did not, provide precautions typical in all general anesthetic procedures
4. Because of #2 and #3, Rowan was killed
5. And finally, because Rowan had a special needs diagnosis, the hospital was able to justify his abysmal care. Because Rowan had special needs, the California Department of Health was able to support the hospital’s justification, and the Medical Board of California was able to ignore it.

And we ask, why aren’t we talking about it?

If I am truthful with myself, I realize that I have even been guilty of special needs profiling at some level.  Have you?  I was lucky enough to have Rowan, who gave me the opportunity to see the world from a different and much better perspective. I hope that you have taken the opportunity to see the world from his perspective, too.

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