I like doctors, I really do.  I’m married to a doctor (PhD).  I have friends who are doctors.  I’ve worked for doctors.

But then I read articles like this, and I think c’mon doctors, what happened?  I knew you in college.. going off to medical school, with great plans to help the world.  What happened?

http://www.huffingtonpost.com/karen-m-wyatt-md/5-things-most-doctors-get-wrong_b_6655978.html  (4 out of 5 of these things existed in Rowan’s care)


What is going on?

Let’s face it:  If you found out that I knew my co-worker killed someone and I didn’t speak up, you might think that I was a pretty horrible person.  If the organization that I worked for had huge deficiencies that led away from its primary mission (and even killed people), you might think, what kind of person are you to ignore them?

But you are expected to not speak up, and you are okay with that?  Really? 

C’mon.  I’ve shared lunches with you.  I’ve been to your Christmas parties.  Rowan was there, too.  As a group, you are the kind of people who expect and demand respect, in all parts of your life.  Yet you walk into your offices every day and are afraid to face the things that destroy the very fabric of why you are doctor?  That work against the very reason you became a doctor in the first place?

Or are you afraid?  Maybe I’m being presumptuous. Maybe it isn’t fear.  Maybe I’m wrong about why you became a doctor.  Why did you?

I hope that you find the courage.  No, I hope you do what you should.

The conclusion of the “investigation” into Rowan’s death

Because you and I both know that Rowan is not the only one,

Rowan’s mom



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