We didn’t have a choice.  We didn’t.  We simply didn’t.

Yes, in hindsight, we could have taken Rowan to a different town, or Australia.. where proper precautions would have been taken.  If we had known what we know now, we certainly would have put our entire family on that plane.

But I read stories like this one.  I read lots of them.  And I realize that this story isn’t about whether you agree with Cassandra, or her mother, or the doctors.

It’s a story about who is in charge.  And it’s not the parents:


And it wasn’t me.

I pleaded, I begged.  I made phone call after phone call.  Talked to doctor after doctor.

Do it without anesthesia.. “No”

Make him an in-patient.. “No”

Do more tests beforehand.. “No”

Find a better way.. “No”

Listen to me..NO!

“We are one of the best hospitals in the world.  We know what we are doing.”

“There is no other option.”

When they didn’t listen.. they didn’t just take away my son.  They took away my voice.  They took away me.

When people turn away, or don’t take action.. They don’t just turn away from my son.  They don’t just turn away from my loss.  They turn away from me.

And I matter.

“I’m not asking much… just your voice!” the sea witch told Ariel.  Is that really what it takes to live in the human world?

There is absolutely no relief when a bereaved parent can say I told you so.  It only causes more pain.

An article on alternative, and better, methods for heart imaging:


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