Today the news brings a new tear.

Today, my news-feed is crowded with rainbows, telling me that gay lives matter. For that I am thankful.

Today, my news-feed is crowded with pictures of the confederate flag coming down, telling me that black lives matter. For that I am thankful.

Today, my news-feed is crowded with women, being acknowledged for wonderful feats. For that I am thankful.

Today, once again, I received bad news.

Today, From the ACLU: “We have concluded that the ACLU will not be able to assist you. This decision reflects our own limited resources, and in no way reflects on the worthiness of your case.”

Today, once again, I learned that not all lives matter.

These groups fought for generations, and centuries, to be treated with liberty and justice.  And today, each of these groups, and many others, still struggle.

But those who are labeled with ‘Special Needs’ are far behind the rest.

Today’s news is disheartening, to say the least.  The irony that the ACLU stood with the CA Children’s Hospital Association in opposition to legislation that would have allowed CA parents the resources to seek justice for their children killed in CA hospitals – yet lack the resources themselves to speak out against these horrific injustices – points to the insanity that underlies the ongoing struggle for liberty and justice. (see Proposition 46)

But today’s news doesn’t really matter.

For me, external validation by our justice system is not, and was never, necessary. Rowan is making an impact, and will continue to make an impact toward the liberty and justice for others that he did not receive in life or in death.

My little kiddo accomplished a whole lot in two short years. And I will always carry him in my heart with an immense amount of pride. This bump in the road will not deter us as we continue to share Rowan’s joy, and the importance of his life, with many.

I just wish that I could be doing it with him by my side.