Rowan bike

To the person who stole my bike:  Thank you.

I hope that you gave it to someone you love. And if you didn’t, then I hope it ended up in the hands of someone who loves it.

I hope that she rides it down hills, feeling the warm breeze on her face. I hope that when the wind gets cold, she reassures herself, “We’re almost there, we’re almost there.”

I hope that she honks the horn when she gets to a stoplight, and honks it loudly, laughing, as she catches up with someone she knows.

I hope that she wears a helmet, and pays no attention when it becomes tilted on her head, because she is too focused on whatever love she is carrying with her on that purple bike.

I hope that she smiles, and laughs, on her ride. And feels a sense of peace like no other.

To the person who stole my bike: Thank you.

Thank you for reminding me of who I am. As I’m greeted by those who ponder why I don’t seem more upset, why I am not angry about my missing bike, I am reassured. Reassured that I am not an angry person, or one who is angry as a given consequence of grief.

Was I angry when my bike was stolen? Sure, a little. In the moment when I realized that I could file a police report for my taken bike, but not my taken son. In moments where I saw others focus on the material bike, rather than the sadness of the loss of tangible memories.

But no, I was never really angry at you. I have much bigger, much more important things to be angry about. Thank you for the physical reassurance that the anger I carry is okay.

I just ask that, however you use your new bike: please, use it kindly and know that it has known a lot of joy.

Rowan’s mom




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