Please help me break the silence surrounding Rowan’s life and death by reading and sharing his story.

Please know that the story of Rowan’s life is more important to his family than his death. Please do not share the story of his death without a commitment to sharing the story of his life alongside it.

How to share:

We have thought a lot over the last few months about how, why, and whether to share, and have had valuable input from the people closest to us on this journey. We have learned that we are some of the lucky few, who have the resources and ability to ask questions and find answers outside the confines of the hospital.   Please know that this has been a difficult decision, and please respect a few wishes that come along with the telling of Rowan’s story.


  • DO NOT reveal Rowan’s last name, Rowan’s exact birth date, or his big sister’s name.
  • DO NOT copy any information or media from this site without the direct permission from the site’s owners. (Posting a link to the website is okay)


  • DO remember that Rowan is our child, and always will be. Please take a moment to imagine how it would feel to have a very personal story about your child flying through the internet out of your control, and share responsibly.
  • DO SHARE WIDELY, but wisely.
  • DO share with your family, your friends, your doctors, your lawmakers, and people that you feel need to know or can help make a difference.
  • DO concentrate on his story’s message rather than its sensation, and please help us prevent this tragedy from happening to someone else’s child
  • DO your part in encouraging transparency amongst doctors, hospitals, and advisers.  You could save a life.
  • DO remember that Rowan has a big sister, who is just learning to read. Please keep your public comments appropriate and respectful, even when you think she will never hear them.
  • DO know that we are always thinking of Rowan. Please DO share your memories of him.

The majority of the information on this website is now Public.   To gain access to the password protected portions of this site, please reach us by email at:

As you read our story, please remember: doctors, hospitals, and advocacy groups save lives every day. Just like us, doctors are people that make mistakes. Many of them are good people, including the ones that cared for Rowan and those that helped us tell his story. Please remember that hospitals and advocacy groups are beneficial to many, but like everything, they are not flawless. We feel that just as we teach our children to tell the truth, doctors and hospitals should also be truthful. We feel that they have an obligation to be fully transparent throughout a patient’s care, to admit that they are not flawless, and admit to their mistakes. That is the only way that doctors, patients, and parents can learn. The willingness to tell the truth could save many lives of kids just like Rowan. It could have saved Rowan’s life.

With Rowan forever in my heart,

Rowan’s mom 

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