“Rowan captured my heart within minutes after meeting him. Straddling between baby and toddler-hood, he communicated a love of life without even using language. Rowan was the kind of kid who gave new people more credit than they really deserved. Charisma and joy radiated from his being. He seemed to have a smile and a little love for everyone. Although I only knew him a few hours, he brought me incredible joy and awe. Rarely do you come across a being as light and loving. I’ll remember him fondly..”

Rowan brought joy to all those around him every day. His family and friends cherished his smiles and warm hugs. But Rowan’s joy spread far beyond those he knew. His magnetic and friendly personality brought smiles to many.
Each day, we loved to watch as he changed a stranger’s day. Sometimes he completely derailed people with his smile and insistent “Hi!” Time and again, we saw Rowan alter a stranger’s ability to carry on having a bad day. Rowan didn’t give you a choice: a good day was certain whenever he was around.

Though it will always be difficult to navigate this life without him, I know that Rowan would still greet the world with hope for the future.

I hope that you join me in spreading Rowan’s joy and kindness, by making this day a little bit brighter for someone else, as Rowan did.  Your act of kindness for a friend or stranger, no matter how big or small, will help keep just a glimpse of Rowan’s joy in our world:

kindness card

With Rowan in my heart,

Rowan’s mom

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