COMING SOON… Please join me to celebrate Rowan’s life as I create Rowan’s Yellow Treehouse, a non-profit to share Rowan’s passions with others

Please help spread the word that Rowan’s life mattered, and it is a mistake to casually walk away from its loss.  That the lives of all children, and the voices of their parents in their care, matter.

Ways you can take action against Special Needs Discrimination in Healthcare:

  • Getting a true understanding of this story is one of the best things you can do, and then:
  • Please join me to celebrate Rowan’s life, with Rowan’s Yellow Treehouse, coming soon
  • Spread the word: Rowan’s Informational Page
  • Write to the chairman of the Special Olympics (Dr. Timothy Shriver @TimShriver) to applaud his efforts as one of the few voices fighting for Special Needs equality in Healthcare, in memory of Rowan, and encourage him to speak louder

    • “Dear Dr. @TimShriver, Thank you for speaking out about Special Needs parity in Healthcare, in Memory of Rowan #rowansmile”

    • mailing address: Dr Timothy Shriver, Special Olympics,1133 19th Street NW, Washington DC 20036
    • Email  (c/o Christy White)
  • Send a postcard to the American Nurses Association, and ask them to send our story, and others like it, to Washington, in memory of Rowan:
    • “Dear ANA, Please talk about Special Needs Discrimination in Healthcare, in memory of Rowan”
    • American Nurses Association 8515 Georgia Ave Suite 400 Silver Spring, MD 20910
    • In ANA’s own words: “Equality and justice must also extend to other minorities such as the aged and disabled. Health care that is individualized to the health practices and specific needs of each person and/or population group is vital to maintain and improve the health of all Americans. Nurses must work to include diversity within the health professions, processes of health care delivery, and desired patient outcomes in order to deliver the holistic care we profess is our primary goal.”……………..The ANA position statement on “Ethics and Human Rights” (1994) is based on the following beliefs: • Human beings deserve respect as ends in themselves, and therefore, deserve health care services that are equitable in terms of accessibility, availability, affordability and quality; • Justice requires that the differences among persons and groups are to be valued. When those differences contribute to the unequal distribution of the quality and quantity of health care, then remedial actions are obligated; ………Source:
  • Send a postcard to ARC
    • The Arc of California
      1225 8th St Ste 350
      Sacramento, CA 95815
    • “Dear ARC, Please fight for equity in healthcare, in memory of Rowan”
    • In their own words, The Arc believes that people with intellectual and developmental disabilities are entitled to the respect, dignity, equality, safety, and security accorded to other members of society, and are equal before the law.
  • Send a postcard to DREDF
    • Disability Rights Education and Defense Fund
      3075 Adeline Street, Suite 210
      Berkeley, CA 94703
    • “Dear DREDF, Please fight for equity in healthcare, in memory of Rowan”
  • Write to Rebecca Cokley, Executive Director, National Council on Disability
    • 1427 A Street Southeast
      Washington, DC 20003-1524
    • “Dear Ms. Cokley, please take the discussion of Special Needs Discrimination in Healthcare to Washington, in memory of Rowan”
  • Teach your kidsRecommended reading: “The Other Side”, by Jacqueline Woodson (picture book); “Claudette Colvin: Twice Toward Justice”, by Phillip Hoose; “The Sneetches”, by Dr. Seuss (sadly, a day with the staff at Barnes and Noble revealed NO books for addressing Special Needs Discrimination with kids)
  • Send a postcard to the ACLU, asking them to address Special Needs Discrimination in healthcare, in memory of Rowan:
    • ACLU of San Diego & Imperial Counties Executive Director: Norma Chavez-Peterson, P.O. Box 87131
      San Diego, CA 92138-7131  Email:
  •  Write to anyone that you feel can make a difference in providing adequate and equal opportunities in healthcare for all children, in memory of Rowan  (for more information see: Special Needs Discrimination in Healthcare)


For an update on our communications with the CA Medical Board, please visit: Report to the Medical Board

A picture drawn by Rowan’s sister in January 2014. The monster doesn’t go away by just ignoring it.

January 2015.. the monster doesn’t go away