Eight months later, we are still waiting for the hospital to grant our request for a copy of Rowan’s anesthetic “consent” form.

On this form, we added in writing that we were giving “consent” only to an anesthesiologist who was “well-versed in the anesthetic risk associated with William’s Syndrome.”

She read it, and said she had no concerns for Rowan receiving anesthesia, before we allowed her to take him into her care.

Throughout Rowan’s care, we repeatedly brought up our concern regarding sudden death under anesthesia.  All of Rowan’s doctors reassured us.  None of Rowan’s doctors discussed death as a possibility for Rowan at Rady Children’s Hospital.

(Update 9/2014 – Thanks to your letters, we have received a copy of our “consent” form.  Regulations do not allow us to post it.  However, we have been reassured that our recollections are real.)

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