Thanks to all who participated in Project: Remember Rowan on December 16th.  We had such a good feeling from sharing our acts of kindness that we plan to continue leaving surprises on any day.  We hope that you will join us..

When we think about why we created, and have continued with, Rowan’s website, a number of reasons come to mind:

  • We want to prevent a tragedy like ours from happening to another family, because we feel an obligation to do our part
  • We want to ensure the narrative of Rowan’s life doesn’t change based on a person’s need to feel safe, or a hospital’s need to hide
  • We want the doctors to be held accountable for their actions, because no one in our society should be exempt from responsibility
  • We want to create a lasting document, so our daughter will know her own story
  • We want to share our sadness, because we are bereft, and sadness will always be a part of our very being
  • We want to share our anger, because our parental voice was ignored and our son wasn’t seen
  • We want to share our happiness, because we have wonderful memories with Rowan
  • We want to share our love for Rowan, because it is too immense to keep quiet

But most of all, this website exists because we want to share Rowan.  We want to share Rowan, and the part he plays in our family.  We want people to know Rowan, and the joy he brought to our world.  We want people to see that Rowan was alive and energetic, and that he brought happiness to each and every moment.

We want people to see.  That Rowan was a person whose presence was grand.  That Rowan was happy, and energetic, and curious, and growing.  Each and every moment that we were honored with his presence.

We want people to feel.  A bit of the joy that Rowan brought to strangers and friends, every day.

So this year, on the Anniversary of Rowan’s death, we ask you to take part.  Take part in an act of kindness, and take part in sharing Rowan’s LIFE.

We will be delivering treats, with kindness cards attached, all around the places Rowan knew and places that he might have gone.  But we know that we can’t do it alone, and we would love your help.

If it were up to Rowan, he would have said “Hi!” to everyone in the whole world.  We would love to give him the chance to say “Hi”.  “Hi” to the places he might have gone.  “Hi” to the people who might have known him.

“Hi, Hi, Hi!”

If you choose to take part, here are links to Rowan’s kindness cards:

Tiny:   New kindness cards – tiny (1.2×2)

Small:  New kindness cards – small (1.5×3)

Medium:  New kindness cards – (credit card size)

Large:  New kindness cards – large (half page)

Most kids have a lifetime of chances to make their mark in this world.  Rowan’s chance is now. Please join us in sharing Rowan’s LIFE.

If you would like to be included in our map, please post your plans to:

With Rowan in our hearts..

(Thank you so much for the photos.  We are sorry that we can’t post them all, but we picked a few of our favorites to share..)



Thank you Expressive Arts San Diego for this huge display! (Walk down Thorn St and say “Hi!” to Rowan, now through Dec 16)


Map of project remember Rowan