Please join us this year, on December 16 (or any day) in sharing an Act of Kindness, in memory of Rowan.

This year, I look back and reflect on Rowan’s story, and the time since last year.  Over the past year,

  • The sadness has grown more familiar, the despair has calmed, and the longing remains fierce.
  • The goals have become more clear, and understood.. to talk about Special Needs Discrimination in Healthcare, in hopes that a few less parents can feel the never-ending rawness of grief that it can create.
  • The desire to share Rowan has grown even stronger.

This year, we want to share Rowan, and the part he will always play in our family.  We want people to know Rowan, and the joy he brought to our world.  We want people to see that Rowan was alive and energetic, and that he brought happiness to each and every moment.

We want people to see.  That Rowan was a person whose presence was grand.  That Rowan was happy, and energetic, and curious, and growing.  Each and every moment that we were honored with his presence.

We want people to feel.  A bit of the joy that Rowan brought to strangers and friends, every day.

So this year, on the Anniversary of Rowan’s death, we ask you to take part.  Take part in an act of kindness, and take part in sharing Rowan’s LIFE.

We will be delivering treats, with kindness cards attached, all around the places Rowan knew and places that he might have gone someday.  But we know that we can’t do it alone, and we would love your help.

If it were up to Rowan, he would have said “Hi!” to everyone in the whole world.  We would love to give him the chance to say “Hi”.  “Hi” to the places he might have gone.  “Hi” to the people who might have known him.

“Hi, Hi, Hi!”

If you choose to take part, here are links to Rowan’s kindness cards:

Tiny:   New kindness cards – tiny (1.2×2)

Small:  New kindness cards – small (1.5×3)

Medium:  New kindness cards – (credit card size)

Large:  New kindness cards – large (half page)

Most kids have a lifetime of chances to make their mark in this world.  Rowan’s chance is now. Please join us in sharing Rowan’s LIFE.


Last year, we began this day in hopes that someday, we will meet the pain of our loss with a hope for tomorrow.  Acts of kindness appeared around the country and the world.  Here are just a few.. Please share your act of kindness with us this year.