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Yes, I woke up angry today.  Why?

  • Because today is the eleven month anniversary since the day my son was killed
  • Because every night, yes every single night, I have at least one nightmare where I relive that horrible day, regardless of my efforts to prevent it
  • Because when I do fall asleep, it’s not for long, because my daughter still can’t sleep through the night
  • Because I pleaded with the doctors, over and over again, as loud as I could, to not give Rowan anesthesia and I was never heard
  • Because I pleaded with the doctors, over and over again, to be careful with Rowan’s life, and they promised they could and they would
  • Because the doctors promised me that Rowan would be safe, over and over again, and that my concerns were not valid
  • Because my son was killed right in front of me, and the people who killed him denied it and walked away without question
  • Because I have to defend my words, often, when I speak the truth
  • Because I didn’t get the chance to say good-bye
  • Because nobody said they were sorry
  • Because every parent who loves their child would be angry if it happened to them

We are angry.  But we are not vengeful.

An angry parent wants the hit-and-run driver who killed their child to be caught and questioned, and to admit they were driving the car.  A vengeful parent wants that driver to spend the rest of her life in jail.

An angry parent whose child was hit by a stray bullet wants the shooter to be questioned, and to admit they pulled the trigger.  A vengeful parent wants to shoot back.

I woke up angry today.  But now, as my daughter wakes up from her slumber, I will do my best to put it away, and concentrate on the happiness that is present around me.  I will try my best, like I do every day.

Please don’t ask me for more.



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They start throwing everyone else under the bus, and start making things up.

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