Peace as the world commonly understands it comes when the summer sky is clear and the sun shines in scintillating beauty, When the pocketbook is full, When the mind and body are free of ache and pain.. but.. true peace… is a calmness of soul amid terrors of trouble, inner tranquility amid the howl and rage of the outer storm..

Martin Luther King Jr.

We will never be able to lose the vision of our son being gassed to death before our eyes, without even the simplest of care or precautions afforded to other children.. because of who he was wrongly perceived to be.  But we will work to find the peace that lies within that terror.

We will always be thankful for, and will always remember, those who faced that terror along with us.  The friends and strangers who left their comfort zones to face a horrible injustice.  The doctors, researchers, and nurses who risked their own reputations to stand up for what was right.  Though we have been unsuccessful in our efforts for justice, we at least have the knowledge that there are courageous people who chose to step up and act.  Through you, and with you, we hope to find peace.

Thank you, with Rowan in our hearts

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