I am Rowan’s mom, and the primary author of this website.  Writing the website was a very difficult decision, and its continued existence is a struggle each day.  I would like to thank a few people for their encouragement, and their help in sharing our story:

Dr. Daniel G, Assistant Professor, UCSD School of Medicine: Thank you, Dan, for loving Rowan, and for putting aside the emotions of a grieving father to provide the thorough research and medical insight necessary for this site

~~~, Salk Institute: Thank you for critically investigating the research on Williams Syndrome and anesthesia, providing an objective assessment of the risks, and for standing your ground in a reluctant community

~~~, UCSD: Thank you for listening to a stranger’s story, and for taking Rowan’s story on it’s first trip to Washington DC

~~~, Australia, and other referenced researchers: Thank you for working toward providing safer healthcare for individuals with Williams Syndrome

Additional Medical Research Scientists at the Salk Institute and University of California, San Diego.  Forever grateful for the information you have provided privately, yet remain confounded by your reluctance to speak up and save lives

~~~, Expressive Artist: Thank you for helping us survive

Katie K, CPO: Thank you, Katie, for your insights about Special Needs communities, for your diligent research on Special Needs Discrimination in Healthcare, and for helping two grieving parents understand Rowan’s story in the kindest way I can ever imagine

~~~, Attorney at Law: Thank you for hours of early morning conversations, understanding our goals, and showing me that lawyers really are the good guys

~~~, Doula: Thank you for supporting Rowan before and after his life, and for stepping in for the really hard stuff

Emile A, Internet Guy: Thank you, Emile, for stepping in to help behind-the-scenes whenever the website became too complicated or too painful.

Conny B, Content Lady: Thank you, Conny, for answering many late-night questions, honestly and kindly asking “What’s your point?”, and for being one of Rowan’s most vocal supporters

Kerri S, “Is anybody here a Marine Biologist?”: Thank you, Kerri, for taking charge on change.org, and encouraging us to take the risk of spreading our story more widely, because somebody out there would care

Special Thanks to everyone who wrote letters, over and over, and shared our story, again and again, when no one else was listening.

Thank you also to each and every person who listened, shared this site, told a friend, talked to their doctor, took action, or committed an act of kindness in memory of Rowan.

And thank you to Rowan, for being real.  Your unbridled love changed my life, and I will forever hold you in my heart.  May the too brief time I held you in my arms allow another mother to hold her child a little longer.